November 16, 2007

I think, therefore I must be crazy?

(This is a long one...hang in there.)

I meandered by Keri Smith's blog yesterday. I love Keri's blog and her courage and enthusiasm about her creative journey. Her latest entry talked about blogging and her current viewpoints on that very subject (and I really admired her candor and honesty). Oddly enough, the earlier part of my day found me thinking about much of what she brought up. Then my friend Kristine and I had one of our marathon phone sessions and talked about it too. It made me ask myself...why blog? What is the motivation behind it all? What is my motivation?

One of the primary purposes of doing any of this is to share a part of myself. Maybe not all of myself but also not an entirely contrived version of myself either. Blogging can be such a freeing experience and yet riddled with fears of overexposure so some form of self-editing is important...I think. But sometimes blogs can be a little self-defeating and present others' lives in Technicolor...y'know? I may admire Martha but let me just say...I have a ways to go and will not lead you to believe otherwise. But also, let's not beat around the bush and pretend that this is purely philanthropic either, for any blogger would have to be in some denial to believe that ego had nothing to do with the process. And, you know what, that's okay. The ego inspires and creates as much as it can deflate and destroy. All in all, it doesn't have to be one or the other as motivator but, much like life, an ever-changing dualistic percentage.

The topic of advertising is one that I find comes up more and more. Some believe it elevates a blog and makes it more important and bonafide all the way to the idea that it cheapens a blog to the level of a streetwalker saying "I love you". I don't know what your viewpoint is and, in some ways, don't know my own. I think it's the way that individual bloggers approach the subject. Sometimes I feel beaten over the head by solicitation (eew) other times I feel delighted or informed because I was just introduced to someone or something I never knew about before. Blogging can be time consuming and definitely a fair amount of work and I'm not going to begrudge someone for trying to keep the lights on or add a little to their Roth IRA. Will I ever advertise? I don't know. (And not's okay.)

Right now I know that I'm enjoying the process. It has become time consuming in a way I hadn't anticipated and, honestly, I'm probably slipping down the slope into Procrastination Valley. But for you, the reader, that may be neither here nor there. Therefore, just so we're clear (for the moment)...what I write or post about is simply an effort to bring a little something to your day. Maybe something to ponder, to be inspired by, to have a laugh, or to learn something new. And, just maybe, to learn a little more about me as a blogger, person, and/or artist/entrepreneur. Take what you want, leave what you don't.

Keri pointed out that sometimes blogging feels like it's become this big popularity contest. And I can't say I disagree. People vying to have their lives oohed and ahhed over. But who am I too judge? I'm an artist and entrepreneur who's trying to find his place in the world. And I'd be a fool to act like it doesn't matter at all to me if people like what I do or not. What matters is that it doesn't become the rule/s by which I measure what or how I create. It always has to come back to me and what feels most genuine. A battle that at times never seems to be entirely won...but I persevere.

Like anything in life blogging has its good and bad sides. Some solicit, some pontificate, some motivate, some impress. But whatever a blogger does it is sharing in some capacity and one is free to relegate just what and how much is divulged. Just as a reader can walk away or sit and stay for awhile. The beauty of blogging is in it's freedom...even if that's a vague term at best.

So for those of you who have already hopped on this eccentric journey with your ol' Uncle Beefy thus far...thanks for your support and readership. For those who may just be joining me...well, hang on. Who really knows what any of us are in for overall? I can tell you this...I'll share things that personally inspire me for whatever reason, artists/crafters/entrepreneurs whose work I admire, my own artistic endeavors and offerings, elements of entrepreneurship, things that might make us a bit more informed, or things that make me laugh and take joy in a moment of life. And I hope you'll buckle up and come along for the cockeyed ride.

Here's to knowing me, knowing you. ( ABBA reference already! Oh! You are SO in trouble now!)

Bradford aka Uncle Beefy

ps - C'mon! You didn't really think I could resist did you?


  1. hey uncle B

    Thanks for your thoughts on blogging. I read Keri's post yesterday too, and it got me thinking. I totally agree with all the points you made, and I love reading your blog. I too can get to feeling like I am slipping into Procrastination Valley..but at leat we'll be there together, yes?

    miss J

  2. Thanks for your comments, Miss J :)

    I just hope they have a good bar scene in P.V. cause I need something to use as an excuse for the constant dancing on the table. Or do I?


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