October 18, 2007

Red Letter Day

Some years ago, while still in school, I started this handmade book for a project. It was ambitious at the time given a last-minute deadline and no actual need for it as an assignment. But as you can see I came pretty darn close. Then it got boxed up with the myriad of other projects that would lie in wait for completion or use. But I discovered it the other day and felt for the poor little red thing. It's filled with mixed paper and mylar pages just waiting to be fiddled with and filled.

I think most creatives would agree that the hardest part is just starting. Facing a blank page does infuse one with a certain amount of pressure. "You know that first mark you make better be genius." And the freezing ensues. So...where to begin? How about the beginning? Any start is ultimately important. Any day a red letter day.

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