October 04, 2007

Perseverance & Patience

I watched this spider out of the kitchen window yesterday tirelessly putting its web together. When almost completed, into it a tree scrap blew. The spider stopped, dropped down and began the process of removing said scrap from the web and in the process left a gaping hole in its pristine design. It ignored this and simply finished the central part of its web and took to waiting.

This got me thinking about the spider as metaphor. No matter what happens to the web, a spider will build and rebuild as often as necessary with no preconceived notion about a guaranteed catch...just hope and perseverance. And whether the web is perfect or not, it accepts the place of any imperfection and simply waits...and waits. It would seem that a spider doesn't decide not to build a web the next day because it caught nothing the previous one nor does it decide to not build a web because its initial attempt was flawed or imperfect. It simply moves along, doing what it knows it does best, patiently waiting until the moment its perfect imperfection is rewarded.

Lesson learned.

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