March 09, 2012

It's not you, it's me.

Hi, kids. Okay, so I've been mulling and mulling things over. Many of you graciously gave me your feedback about the blog and that, too, has been part of this said mulling. And, I thank you for that. But, given all that I have swirling about in my head and my life these days, I've decided to take a blogging hiatus. Not to worry! I will be back! It just seems like the right thing to do at this time and so I'm trusting my gut on this one. No guest bloggers. No pre-scheduled posts. Just some extra breathing room to let my creative juices recharge, refresh, and renew.

I just need that open space to plot, plan, dream, think about the blog redesign, the direction I want to go in with future content, etcetera,
etcetera, etcetera. There's a lot to work on and figure out. And, I really want to get myself squared away to bring you some fresh content and perspective. You gonna be okay? Sure you will!

I'll probably pop in from time to time over on pinterest, twitter, or facebook. I'll be sifting through the avalanche that is my inbox (Although, I made great headway the other day! Woot, woot!). I may even be found with an Americano staring blankly but blissfully out the window. Ah!

Just so we're all clear, I will be back on The Bedlam on Monday, April 2nd. Yes, the day after April Fool's Day. Purely coincidental, I can assure you. Although, it does have a certain poetry in the timing.

In the meantime, here are some other lovely people and perusals to tide you over:


  1. Thanks for including me on the list of reads! The blogging hiatus sounds like the perfect time for you to take a little trip up to PT so I can treat you guys to lunch! :) xo-k

  2. I completely understand how you feel! Can't wait to see what wonderful things you come back with:)

  3. Enjoy your very well deserved break B! It's always good to step back before going forward :-)

  4. Dear Uncle Beefy,
    I love you and will miss you.
    I hope you have a lovely break. Everyone needs one from time to time.
    See you soon!
    Carrie from lifestylefilesblog

  5. Enjoy your time off! Can't wait to see what's up your creative sleeve! We totally understand the need to step back and take a deep breath...things always grow better with some breathing room :) See you soon!

  6. Hi B,
    Wait a minute, us farmer's wives need us our Beefy on a regular yo!
    But, totally understand...and cannot wait to see what you have up your sleeve come the 2nd April. Thanks a million for including me here, your support + love always fills me up with joy and makes me feel real special.
    Enjoy your break darlin.
    Best Always,
    Imen xx

  7. Mr. Beefy - take all the time you need and we'll be here waiting excitedly for your return. Hold up over there, Mr.

    (Thanks for kindly linking up, too).

  8. As long as you will be back....

    In the meantime, you will be missed!


  9. Enjoy your blogging detox - often the best ideas come when you least expect them.
    Wishing you much love, freshness and a totally new perspective on your digital world.

  10. enjoy your hiatus. we all need time to step back and see the forest, not just the trees.

  11. Enjoy your unplugged time, I'm sure you will come back full of new ideas and inspiration! Also, thank you so much for the mention!!

  12. Blogging breaks are so healthy. Take the time you need to recharge, refresh and sip good coffee. You will feel so much better. And not to worry, we'll all be here when you return. Rest well, friend.

    P.S. Thanks for the link love. :)

  13. Well it looks like I'll just have to talk to you via email now :) And while I'll miss reading your thoughts, if you feel you need this, I completely understand. Sometimes you just have to disconnect! (And now I'm going to go check out some of the reads because there are a few I've never heard of :) )-xo

  14. Wow. I'm honored to be on this list of bad ass bloggers. Thank you! Enjoy your time away. I hope it's revitalizing and you come back ready to blog your little heart out. We'll miss you so hurry back. xo

  15. Have a great break! I think it's completely healthy to always take some time to recharge and renew. See you back in April! xo

  16. I was SURE I'd commented on this before, but my comment appears to have been swallowed.

    I will be setting my alarm for April 2nd and hoping that you come back reinvigorated and refreshed. (Though I have no idea whether the world is ready for reinvigorated Uncle Beefy). Enjoy your break and get some rest, you deserve it.

    And thank you for including me in this amazing list of bloggers. I'm beyond honoured actually.

  17. i highly recommend hiatuses. hiati? whatever.

    you take care of you and enjoy speaking and interacting with REAL LIVE PEOPLE and seeing things in REAL LIFE! imagine!

    catch you later on your return, mister uncle. xox

  18. I miss your fun, kitty scratches around here! Let me know if you need anything. You know where to find me. :) Enjoy your time off and I can't wait to see what's up your paws come April! Meowrrr!

    Ciao, Beefy! xxxo!

  19. I'm keeping you and your momma and your fam in my thought, Beefy.

    Rest and renew, we will be here waiting.


  20. I can completely understand this - I've often wanted to take a permanent leave from blogging, and social media. For me it can be overwhelming and at times too discouraging. I think it is also my love of privacy and living out in the country - it feels possible to just let go of it all...I know that isn't what you are doing but I just could relate in my own way. Someday's I think being one of those mom and pop shops that have zero internet presence but are deeply part of their community would be the best thing for me. Cheese sorry, talk about a debbie downer and oprah moment in one comment...I hope your break is everything you need. You will be missed :) xx

  21. I SO hear you,my friend. Good for you for listening to your gut, it isn't easy. No worries, we will all be waiting patiently when you get back, cause we love you! :) And thank you for including me in with all those lovelies at the end....I am honored. :)
    ( enormous hug & as Kathleen would say "miss your face)

  22. It's good to take a break. We'll be here when you decide you want to come back.

  23. Hey you :)

    Take the time off and enjoy every minute of it . . . and if you find you need more time - than take it!!

    I just want you to know that I support you !00% on this . . . and also that I think you are AMAZING!! You are one of the most TALENTED people I know :) :)

    Much love to you today!! Let's have coffee sometime soon :)

    xoxo - liz

  24. Enjoy your break & reboot, Bradford! I think every decision based on a strong feeling is a good one! Hope to see you soon back, though:-) Cheerio from Munich, Igor xoxo
    P.S. Thanks for including Happy Interior Blog in your little list!!

  25. thinking of you dear friend and thinking we need to CATCH UP! smooches from sf in the meantime

  26. Thank you sweet Beefy!!! How are thangs??? xoxoxo

  27. Hiya - Hope you enjoyed your hiatus. Paola sent me over bc we're thinking of moving to BI. Love your blog. May pick your BI brain later if we like the house we see this weekend. <3

  28. A hiatus can be a wonderful thing. Paola sent me over since we're thinking of buying a house on BI. May pick your brain about island life if we love the house we're seeing. Love the blog. <3


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