March 01, 2012

Busy Bee[fy]

I'm feeling thoughtful in recent days, a sense of contemplation. There are all of these thoughts stirring on the busy-ness of our lives. I suppose it's because I have so many things to think about these days: my family, my job, my relationships, my blog redesign, etc., etc. Such a whirlwind! But, I know it isn't just me. It's the vast majority of us. And, I only say "the vast majority" to sound less hyperbolic than if I were to say "all". Do you feel the rush, rush, rush?

So, when coming upon the latest film (above) from Made by Hand entitled "The Beekeeper", a little part of me just sighed with an imagined sense of relief. Then, while watching, I marveled for those few minutes at the beauty of what Megan does. The pure, simple beauty. The process of preparing the smoker, coaxing the honeycomb out, the golden light, and the change of the honey's flavor depending on the time of the season... gorgeous. Her thoughts about feeling "connected" which, I have to say, I don't feel with great certainty most of the time... inspiring. I know I'm romanticizing as we are prone to do when watching someone move across their patch of greener grass, but it does make me take notice of the fact that it produces such a strong reaction within. Do I need a vacation? Or, is there something more that is being spoken to?

I do find myself increasingly drawn to aspects of a simpler life. I sigh over pared down palettes of white and wood, people who engage more regularly with nature and gardening, purging of unused items around the house, and obsessing over stories of people who live in tiny houses (like with the post to come later today). It just gets me going, but in the most relaxed way imaginable. Are these things the true North of my internal compass? Does any of this ring true for you?


  1. I often dream of the simple life as well, Bradford. Chickens, a dog, open fields, baking bread. Yes, please.

  2. I completely understand and feel the same way. Not sure if its because of world events or personal experiences, but I'm much more interested in living simply and experiencing what life is really about...and that doesn't really include having more "stuff".

  3. I would love a simple life -- I'm almost always caught up in a whirlwind of things and I desperately want quiet now and then. I'm not sure if it would just be a vacation for me or a way of being. I think if it were a permanent change, I think I'd miss what I left behind...

  4. Contemplation - that's exactly my mood this week. I think lots of us are searching for sustainability and simplicity. It does make a lot of sense, since things in our modern world can feel very complicated at times. I guess we may be searching for balance essentially. These days, I'm happy with my thoughts.

    Thanks for the nice post :)

  5. Will... isn't that funny? I don't know that I would have taken you for a chickens/dog/open field kinda guy? But, what a nice discovery! I think that sort of thing does most people good. Well, except my partner. The only kind of planting he wants to do are his feet to a city sidewalk! ;)

    Carolina... I hear you! Despite the contrast/hypocrisy of me blogging about 'stuff' I am increasingly fine with the idea of less. I'd rather fewer things of greater beauty and quality. I feel ya'! :)

    Brandi... I think simple living can be a lot of things. I also saw a video about a guy who just downsized to a smaller apartment with greater design, ditched his car, simplified his wardrobe, created a little vegetable garden on his fire escape. Simplicity can take many forms and I think you can do small things toward that end without the risk of missing anything. :)

    Holly... Thanks you for this and all your lovely comments. I agree that more and more of us are searching. And, balance is likely what we're truly searching for in many respects. For now, I'm in a place of more thought than action. But, like you, that is enough for the moment. We'll see what happens in the future?!

    Be well, kids!

  6. I completely agree! I'm not sure it is that's been going on lately, but I've been wishing for it as of late. I want to retreat to the woods...


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