April 07, 2011

Spring Awakening


  1. omg, that is the worst! i went to el salvador last year and was so upset not to have the internet for a few days! it's strange to be disconnected! glad you're back!


  2. I hate getting caught without internet when you are not expecting it - glad you are okay and back, though!
    Much love,

  3. I would welcome an entire week without the internet. I'm sure I'd be a bit panicked for the first two days, but I've no doubt I'd just. Somehow. Hope you're having a wonderful week, Uncle B!

  4. beautiful photos. And yes, I know a little about the "heavy boots" type of thinking and questioning. Spring brings new beginnings! x

  5. Wait a minute...you took those photos? AMAZING!!!! (Did my earlier comment not post?)

  6. It didn't post...I was saying, perhaps it was good to accidentally unplug and enjoy Spring. Look at the creativity that came out in these photos!!

    Hope all is well XOX L


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