February 21, 2011

Not to worry... you can bow and listen at the same time.

Adele new album 21
Adele new album 21 link


  1. gah.....uh...eep. I am in love! wow. how did I not know about her? Thank you darlin, for introducing me to this fabulous voice, cackle, sweetness and...well, I have to run, gotta go be first in line to buy her new album! :)

  2. Thanks to the earlier European release of "21" Adele is singing for weeks now in my little earphones, accompanying me whereever I go. I just love her music !

  3. Urgh! I lover her so much! I saw her live a couple of years ago and couldn't believe the power of her voice, she could have done the whole show unplugged and still reached every beam and rafter of the venue with her magic. Love, love, love.

    try this one... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpVbK27r9cM

    And then watch every other youtube video of her. Worth the wasted afternoon!

  4. Wicked! I hate that I forget how amazing she is..just checked for tix for her N. American tour and of course the nearest to me is sold out..hope she adds a second date or a 'secret show' of some sort I can get in on.

  5. she is amazing!!! thanksssssssss my dear!!!!

  6. This is crazy!! I've been listening to Adele these past couple of days on repeat...I'm obsessed. Doesn't her voice make you want to have long candlelit dinners with good red wine!
    I have her new album ...amazing!

  7. I love that feeling when something can just rock your senses like this little performance did! Mesmerizing to watch her. 11:36-46 made me smile "gonna make your head burrrn!" with the fabulous hand gesture. Hard to believe she's so young. Thanks!


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