December 19, 2008

Walkin' In a Winter....

Kids...have a wonderful weekend! Gotta scoot off to work! These are some images taken on my walk to work yesterday. It's clear today but much icier...wish my bum luck in getting to work unharmed! (And don't forget to vote for Erin! See below.)


  1. OMG, that is so beautiful.
    Reminds me of my childhood in Norway with all the trees heavy under the snow.
    Its snowing in new york right now, maybe Otis and myself can go skiing in Central Park tomorrow.

    Please get the rescue team ready right now!

  2. And what would amount to a rescue team for you, Paul? A strapping team with a platter of holiday cookies and plenty of hot chocolate? Maybe you can attach a flask of brandy around Tanner's collar? ;)

  3. oh you lucky thing. i'm dying to live somewehere snowy

  4. Yep, we're at the very start of a huge storm. And we're planning on walking a few blocks into town to go to the Rockfish :) :) :) but...God, I'm such a wuss. I want to drive! haha...So, props to you for walking each day. What a scenic route!

  5. purely magical uncle beefy!!!a great way to start the weekend, have a wonderful one :)

  6. Beautiful photos!!! I can hear the sleighbells...
    I love the snow...of course, if you're not walking to school in it (grew up in Colorado)...
    Did you put holiday lights up in your yard?
    Stay warm!

  7. Joslyn...if you decide to live in a snowy place...make sure you work from home! MUCH more delightful that way! It's a tricky walk but muchly delightful given the Christmas season. We DO NOT get this typically. Thanks, Global Warming! Great job! ;) too, m'dear! I know...this snow business isn't new to you is it? ;)

    mary...and you're no stranger either! Woman! Walk for god sake! It took me almost an hour to walk to work...and then home again. For a drink at the Rockfish? I might just walk for 2 hours or more! ;)

    shill...yes, if I could spend a little time enjoying it instead of working. But you do what you gotta do and, for what shoppers can get around, the snow has people in some pretty festive moods. Have a loverly weekend too!

    Mr. Peacock...Damn. No, I didn't put any lights up. First time in years. I look very un-festive on my block quite honestly. Just not quite feelin' it this year I'm afraid. But I get to enjoy all the neighbors' lights with no that's fun! ;) We're hoping to stay warm! BIG storm coming in with reported high winds which almost always knocks our power out. Last year for 7 days! Crazy! But for now...nice and toasty!

    Have a great weekend, Kids! And if you're preparing for the holidays...ENJOY! Maybe even have a hot cocoa for me! If by "hot cocoa" you mean a martini! Uh-huh...I said it! Snap!


  8. A perfect winter wonderland, wish my journey to work was this beautiful.

    Have a fabulous christmas uncle.

  9. A perfect decor for a perfect Christmas. No flakes in Amsterdam unfortunately. Merry Xmas to you. What can go wrong in your winterwonderland?

  10. I love that you walk to work, Beefy! That looks so magical. Happy weekend, my friend:)


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