December 21, 2008

Dashing through the snow....

Looking down my street.

Kids, if you're perusing any of us Pacific Northwest bloggers you'll see that we're incessantly talking about our winter snow dump. Sorry...we just don't see this often especially around the holidays. Forgive us.

Walked home from work again last night. After a day of delightfully gleeful shoppers, I headed to the grocery store, loaded up on a few essentials (including some wine), packed up the back pack, and began the 50 minute walk home. It was so still and peaceful...okay except for my calves and thighs as they were anything but! However, I remedied the situation by having the iPod going and pretending that it was merely all part of filming the most glorious music video ever. Seriously, if you lived along my walking route and looked out your window, you would have seen a man resembling a cross between an over-sized four year old and a shuffling geriatric dancing (alright, and lip syncing!) his lil' heart out in the snowfall! It was magical! That is until I slipped and fell. And when? Just as I was within the headlight view of the ONLY car to drive by! Great. I mean, the fall I could have rationalized as all part of the video choreography, but the onlookers just shattered my suspension of disbelief.

Oh well, I dusted myself off and made it the rest of the way home to the scene shown above. Dreamy. After making it through the 9+ inches and in through the doorway of my lil' house, I saddled up to some pasta, a couple glasses o' red, and, later, s'mores made with my homemade marshmallows and a culinary torch. Life is good right now, Kids. Cold....but oh so good!

Hope your weekend is shaping up nicely. :)


  1. Isn't that always the case - falling/tripping RIGHT at the worst moment? Anyhoo, your walk home sounds magical nonetheless. Happy Holiday!

  2. Talk about making the best of a blizzard!!!

    Have the BEST of holidays!!


  3. I am so jealous! It doesn't feel like the holidays here in Florida! Enjoy!! :)

  4. aaaah, bliss at the end of the day uncle beefy!!!

  5. Oh that is so something that would happen to me too!

    A million christmas wishes heading to you from little old Australia, not a snow flake in sight, I plan to spend my Christmas at the beach, crazy hey!

    Thank you for your brilliant blog xx

  6. You are too cute! And your walk is 50 MINUTES?! Wow. How dedicated are you?

  7. These are breathtakingly beautiful pictures to this Georgia girl, who has been running the air conditioner in her shop for the last four days. You have such a nice way of capturing the best in everything. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Holidays from toasty Savannah, GA.

  8. At least you didn't break the wine bottle! (I have my priorities straight)

    I love that you danced and sang. Snow's only fun when you surrender to the silliness.

  9. isn't it just lovely beefy?! a winter wonderland for sure.

  10. The Snow Photos Are Wonderful!


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