October 22, 2008

Perfect Pix

Some delightfully delicious "pics" of "Pix"...Pix Patisserie in Portland! Kids, Pix is across the street from Ink & Peat, next to Lark Press and creating some of the tastiest French Macarons! (And, to be clear, I have been to Laduree in Paris.) It has a fun atmosphere that nods toward a kitzch-French sensibility but maintains an urban vibe. Kristine went decidedly more savory than Bob or I did but I just can't pass up those sweet little macarons. But it was ALL tasty and Francophile-satisfying. The orange-colored one was passion fruit, the tan-color was salted caramel, and the brownish-black was Ouzo (And a SERIOUS favorite! Perfection!). Mark it down, Kids...Pix is a Portland keeper!


  1. One of my favorite places. Glad you got to visit the neighborhood!

  2. Oh, MAN! I am such a sucker for macaroons. I need to find a good source for them here in NYC....

  3. OMG - I am jealous...look at that appi plate- to die for!

  4. chelsea...I can see why! AMAZING!

    laura...these were TO DIE FOR!

    simplygrove...as you can see by my enthusiasm...it was amazing! (See, I said it twice already!)

    bee...stop yourself! If you were a "keeper"...that'd make you a Bee Keeper! I am THAT clever! Aren't I a delight? My therapist says so when I see her at the bar! ;)


    james...omg...I copied you on the "to die for"! Crap! What's happening?!! It was all tasty and so nice to enjoy little bits of big delicious instead of the other way 'round. :)

  5. mmm...the fleur de sel are my most favorite! i used to go to yoga down the street from there, and i would run over on a break and eat 3 and then go back to class...


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