October 21, 2008

Ink & Sweet

There were so many photo ops and inspirations abounding and I took full advantage. Most of the photos are sized to make for a great (if I do say so myself) desktop pic!

While putzing around Portland I was beyond thrilled that we stumbled upon Pam's new venture, Ink & Peat. I've been anticipating the chance to see her shop in person as she always displayed the most amazing photos of her floral artistry and design inspirations on her blog Housemartin. Ink & Peat did not disappoint...and nor did Pam!

As you can see the light was incredible...as was the shop!

Kids, this shop is so lovely filled with lots of bits, baubles, buds. Home decor, gifts, art, and other loveliness all interspersed with a subtle multitude of floral bouquets. (I scored the sweetest set of cups one can possibly imagine!) And the warmth of Ink & Peat (complimented by all the streaming sunlight!) was only enhanced by Pam herself as she couldn't have been sweeter! (Pam...you know we're all gonna have to dinner it up next time, right?)

So if you happen to be in Portland this is a must-see stop! And, if you're lucky, you might just get to ask Pam for an autograph. She'll be sweet and humble and think me ridiculous for saying so but, Kids, I know a star when I see one...and Miss Pam is a shiny one indeed!


  1. This store looks like complete heaven!!

  2. Don't you love! I was done there the first week she opened. Two things Seattle needs - a store like Ink and Peat and a gourmet grocery/care. Until then, I heart portland.

  3. I am most upset that this shop is so far away from me. Good to see it through your eyes though.

  4. wonderful wonderland!great post :)

  5. Beefy, my heart actually hurts a little, looking at these exquisite photographs.


    I just love those flowers so.

  6. Wow, that shop looks so fab! I especially love the flowers.

  7. it looks amazing...i'd love to visit + isn't it fun to meet (totally fun and nice) fellow bloggers in person ;-)

  8. I'm drooling! Looks like an amazing shop...ok gatta go clean up the floor!

  9. courtney...it was and is!

    apt#34...hear, hear! What about Ms. Cassandra's store...hmmm?

    lobster&swan...well you know you can always come and visit!

    shill...thanks! You're too sweet. :)

    bee...glad that it makes you "hurt"...? That sounds weird but understandable as there was much to ache over!

    laura...$$$ temptations abound at Ink & Peat! I got the cutest cups ever that Pam uses for arrangements. I use them for coffee at the moment.

    joslyn...SO nice to meet fellow bloggers AND have them be as nice and delightful as Pam! She's a treat!

    please sir...I needed a mouth-guard while I was in there! It probably looked like a giant slug had gone through the store with the drool trail I left behind!

    Glad y'all liked, Ink & Peat, Kids!
    Happy weekending!


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