September 26, 2012

Artist, Jacqueline Lou Skaggs

Um... wow. Mesmerized and blown away by these amazing paintings on pennies by artist Jacqueline Lou Skaggs. Just amazing.

London Calling: La Petite Bretagne Retail Design

I don't know if I'm supposed to open my own shop someday or if I missed a calling for being a retail designer, but I was over the moon when I spotted this sweet little space via We Heart. (I'm nuts about retail design.) 

La Petite Bretagne creperie is located in London (a double bonus for me) and was designed by Paul Crofts Studio. I love the modern lines and fixtures with the nod to nostalgic elements like lace trim and gingham. In a word? Brilliant!

See more images over on We Heart.

September 25, 2012

Uncle Who?: I'm Back!

Hi, kids! Yeah, so I was gone a little longer than I would ever have anticipated. But, y'know what? It's what I needed so that's just the way it rolled. C'est la vie!

What a roller coaster it's been in my absence! I won't bore you with all the gory details but there were some ups and downs, emergency trips to the vets, my camera lens broke (right after saying I needed to get a new lens!), gorgeous summer weather, and a proposal (that's the money shot up there)! Yep! Looks like it'll be wedding bells for Beefy one of these days! So can you see how my head would have been spinning lately? I knew you'd understand. You're so good to me. 

Be on the lookout as I start to get things fired up 'round here once again. And, hey, I haven't been totally stagnant in the blogging department. Check out my Proust Q & A over on Fleurishing!

So nice to be back and hoping all has been well in your world.

See you soon!