September 12, 2010

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

My vanilla yellow cake with fresh raspberry buttercream.


  1. not fair to tempt like this... so pretty in pink!

  2. absolutely - it's called "tuxedo cake", I think. even better with some lemon curd filling...

  3. sweet heavens! my mouth is watering...

    i have not tried the lemon/chocolate combo, but i've never met a cupcake i didn't like.

    happy sunday to you too!

  4. Mon Oncle, just glad to hear from usual, the photo added a pound to me...but what the heck!


  5. Dearest Unc ~

    I'm more than happy to offer my taste-buds as your baking sessions servant!

    Forever drooling,

  6. a lemon and chocolate cupcake!! i've never had that combo but it sure sounds dreamy...

  7. a chocolate cupcake with lemon or orange icing is also fantastic, try it out!

  8. YOu had me at hello with these.
    Soooo that said, and being no baker myself I assure you...I'm going to attempt making cupcakes tomorrow.
    Inspired I am! Thankies!

    A fellow canuck!

  9. Did you really make those?!?? Oh my Lord...mine are so amateur in comparison...ha!

  10. Can I get the recipe for the cake & frosting? I didn't see it anywhere on your blog, but this is the first time I've been on it. I found it from b*spoke that sent me to sweetfineday to you.


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