April 28, 2010

Attention, attention!

Eh, Kids... so it looks like Blogger got all up in my bidness and decided to reformat some of their publishing tools. So your Uncle has been spending the morning trying to figure out how to upload photos with the new system. I think I may have it figured out but, suffice it to say, it ain't an improvement on the previous system! [insert wagging finger here] I will tell you what!

So now I gotta reformat my own game plan with doing posts, and the morning is getting away from me, and I'm trying to figure out a way to fulfill a cupcake request for this Saturday, and I gotta try to look like something other than a homeless person before going to work! See, Kids... and you thought being a celebrity was glamorous? Quite the contrary! ;)

You'll see me pop back up whenever I get all this flim-flam figured out!
[insert pouting face with excessively furrowed brow here]

UPDATE: My sweet Miss Jane has come to save the day!

So, now I'll be back again tomorrow for sure! Hi, ho, hi, ho... it's off to work I go!


  1. Well, they stink! Good luck with figuring it out. I know you'll do it. We love your FANCY blog! I bet that my stupid publishing format is messed up too. Joy.

  2. It's upsetting when they change things. Hope your day gets better. Love your blog by the way :)

  3. ditto w/ Paris Hotel and your fancy blog! seriously, i've enjoyed your choice of photos for about a year now, so yes, hurry back, sir.


  4. Lynn, woman, you crack me up!!! :)

    Artfulife... I'm reasonably comfortable with change but a little head's up would be appreciated. Though, sometimes, as in this case, change is overrated. ;)

    Jg... Thanks for the props, Mister! Now, I'll be back sooner than later! Whew! (Nice to see ya' again.)

  5. Why don't you upload via flickr? I started doing it recently and I love it because you can make the photos much larger than the uploader in blogger allows.

    PS: CHOCOLATE cupcakes, Beef. No question. And save one for me, will ya?! xo

  6. Your pets are adorable! I hope you get everything figured out! ;)

  7. Hi B, I had that happen yesterday as well but today it went back to normal blogger. Hmmm. Well, your pets are darling. Happy Thursday Dear Uncle B!


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