December 23, 2009

"Yo, Homies!"

Kids, if there is one thing that we both share in common and that brought us closer together in 2009 it's the extreme love of, well, ME!  (Okay, it probably had more to do with cupcakes, or design, or fashion... but I digress!)

So, Miss Tula, of fabtastic Whorange fame, tipped me off that Apartment Therapy's 2009 Homies nominations were underway and that I had gotten a few votes placed in my direction! (I know! You're all, "Why don't they just give Uncle Beefy the top honors already?!! DUH!" But there are processes in life, Kids. And we want everyone to have a "fair" shot, don't we?  Now where to put that trophy?  Ooh!  Sorry, where was I?) Anywhoozles!  Would I love ya' if you stuffed a vote or 50 in my ballot box?  I bet I could muster up some human feelings of warmth and affection, sure!  Why not?!!

So why don'tcha head on over and do us both a favor?  Huh?  Time's running short (deadline is the 29th)!  You'd really help make my year if ya' did!  Or, if you're too busy to show me just a small token of your affection, then we'll just chalk things up and accept the dismal beginnings of my 2010.  You just do what you feel is best, Kids.  I understand.  [Uncle Beefy sighs and looks forlornly off into the distance. One tear streams slowly down his unbelievably handsome cheek.]


  1. Holy f'ing shit! I'm on my way now, homie. This is fanTASTIC news, Beef!!!

  2. Bee, I'm trying to write this response through my flood of tears. (sniff, sniff) So if there are any typois please excuse them given my emotional state. (blow, blow, wipe, wipe) Glad to know someone cares. (BWAAAAAAAHHHHHH!)

    (I tell ya'... I can spread guilt on like peanut butter on toast!) ;)

    Kids, I hope you know I'm just needling you in the ribs the way an uncle should... right? ;)


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