October 08, 2009

From Beefcake to Cupcake

(You can click on the image to enlarge.)


  1. I do love a good cupcake. Been going to Trophy a lot and I still like the little one in Crossroads because it's close to where I work. Have you been to Frost, the fancy new doughnut place?

  2. i had their cupcakes while in seattle and am so very very sad that i cannot have anymore since they don't deliver to texas. so, you think you can do better than cupcake royale's chocolate w/salted caramel?! i had a bite of my daughter's & it was so good, i almost ate it all. if you have a recipe for this....i.want.it! anamanzana57@gmail.com

  3. The "dance party" is my favorite too. Every time I order something else, while I will probably enjoy it, I think "oh man, I miss that pink one!". Then again, I guess you can see why I am partial to the pink frosting :-)


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