September 29, 2009

Sacre Boeuf!

Hi, Kids. Okay, so couldn't get logged in to blogger yesterday which derailed getting any posts done. And, more important, our friends Jeff & Kathleen are visiting from Paris for a few days. So instead of giving y'all hours of delight with my endlessly fascinating insights and scathing wit, I'm gonna have to give what I got to my peeps. Y'feel me?

Blogging will commence on Friday morning. Yes, just before the weekend! Look I am doing the best I can! Jeesh! Y'all get so greedy. ;) Happy Tuesday!


  1. we are greedy! and needy! i'll be looking forward to friday.

  2. Me too, mon oncle. Great photo!


  3. You had me cracking up at the title alone. AND look at that - it's already Little Friday. :)


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