December 10, 2007

Since Madonna wasn't going to use them...

So this weekend was a bit of a whirlwind. Dinner party, baby shower, and Christmas crafting (not necessarily in that order). I wanted to do something more than just the obligatory bottle o' wine for a dinner party that Kendall and I went to on Friday. So, I busted out a few batches of Off-To-Bed Butter Cookies (substituting the called-for sugar with ground up candy cane!) and a couple of my handmade "gift cones" (the peppermint stripe, of course) to give to our hosts.

I love making these Victorian-inspired gift cones. I know they're kinda over the top but so much better than a box wouldn't you say? People will say to me..."What d'ya use 'em for?" Well, small gifts and candies. Or you could get those little water tubes from the florist and place a small bouquet in them. Hang them up, on a doorknob, over the back of a dining chair as a favor and place card for dinner guests, or as wardrobe for a concert. See, they really are useful.


  1. Love them! Um, as favors that is..

  2. Thanks, d. What? You wouldn't wear them to a party?


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