October 11, 2007

You ought to be sent to ReForm School!

For those of you who peruse the vast number of design-related blogs (e.g., sfgirlbybay (thanks for the pic!) or design*sponge) this likely won't come as any news flash. However, if you haven't heard, ReForm School an L.A.-based retailer has now launched an e-commerce site. Frankly, it's one of the best looking sites I've seen in a great while. (Thanks to designers Also.) It definitely takes one back to the days of oh, say, junior high/early high-school. Anyone who knows me knows that those are days best forgotten, but the site makes me even feel a little dreamy-nostalgic...now that's the power of marketing & design people!

Anyway, with a focus on handmade, artisan, sustainable (no brow beating here, however) design you're bound to find something to covet on this site. Or at least blow off a few hours surfing the site rather than doing your homework, I mean, office work.

Class dismissed!

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