May 06, 2013

A Warm (and slightly whacky) Weekend

Well, as you can see, kids, it was a dreadful weekend with weather nothing short of perfection in Seattle and Cinco de Mayo margaritas involved. I know! Right?! Unthinkable! If I didn't have such an extraordinary tolerance for suffering the insufferable I don't know what I would have done. Well, I probably would have been forced to enjoy another sunny margarita just to get through. I'm a trooper like that.

But wait! There's more! I managed to get some yard work done which I'm sure my neighbors greatly appreciated. Since it's rhubarb season, I got myself into the kitchen and started working up a little recipe that I'll post later this week. (A perfect dessert for Mother's Day, by the way!) I learned about new fashion concepts while out and about. Can anyone explain to me the thinking behind "big and tall... hats" and "XXL - Slim Cut"?! Seriously?! Even after a couple of margaritas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo I still couldn't wrap my head around those bright ideas. Nor the gold lamé shorty shorts that one fellow pub patron decided to don with black socks and sandals. It was my own personal version of Fashion Police. I think I might have a fashion hangover this morning. Oy! And you know the phrase, "wouldn't hurt a fly"? Well, it seems that our dog, Fergus, lives up to that motto as we discovered he was afraid of the one that was circling the room. Pathetic. Finally, I wrapped up my Sunday by tuning in for the last episode of The Bletchley Circle on PBS. Did you watch? I loved it and hope there's more to come in the future.

So, enough about me, how was your weekend?



  1. haha seattle. Had to live up to it's fashion stereotype by ruining the gold lame shorts with socks and sandals, huh?

    1. Well, the gold lamé shorts were pushing it alone! The socks and sandals just drove it over the edge. The bicycle helmet and the fanny pack weren't helping either. Yeah. For serious.

  2. Hey Mon Oncle! Sounds like quite the weekend was ruined by doing yard work that made me ache all over and feel 100. My dog [a Papillion] is afraid of a fly too. Sigh. Pass the cognac please....


  3. Oh cute! And rhubarb...I'm mad for anything rhubarb.

  4. The drink is the best looking thing ever. I wouldn't kill for it... but I'd sure push someone over to get to it.



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