April 09, 2013

Pillow Love from My Bearded Pigeon

Throw pillows are such an easy way to interject some color and personality into a design scheme. And, frankly, I'd much rather open a box or a shopping bag and, bam, pull out some pop than pour over color samples and commit to a weekend of painting. My Bearded Pigeon has some super sweet options in their Etsy shop that can help you do that very thing.

I know it's Springtime for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere so some of you might be expecting something a bit more colorful and/or floral being featured. But as I live in the Pacific Northwest and am surrounded by pine-laden woodland goodness I couldn't help but get down with their nature-inspired prints. But from the nature-inspired options above, to antique maps, to this pixel rose print, there are plenty of possibilities for getting on with your pillow pop.


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