May 30, 2012

Good Cookin'

Tender: A cook and his vegetable patch. by Nigel Slater

These are some of my recent cookbook acquisitions that I purchased from fave shopping site! (I'm not a big online shopper, but Fab has me hooked.) I needed more cookbooks like I needed a hole in the head, frankly. But, with summertime coming up  what could be better than lots of fresh veggie dishes and homemade ice cream? Yeah. I knew you'd understand.

Tender is a serious volume with some lovely photos and great paper - yeah, that matters. While aplenty with vegetable recipes, it's less vegetarian than I was expecting. Nigel clearly likes him some bacon or pancetta with his veg along with hefty doses of cream and cheese. We'll see how the recipes fair not to mention my cholesterol level.

Lucid Food is a beautiful book that, while not entirely vegetarian either, is decidedly fresher in its approach. And, the book is arranged by season so that you can eat more in line with what's actually in season and, thus, more conscientiously with Mother Nature. There's plenty of variation in the recipes ranging from entrees to desserts to condiments and I'm really looking forward to digging into this book.

Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones. Did I buy it because it's from San Francisco's famed Bi-Rite Creamery? You'd think, huh? But, no. I bought it for the cover first and the subject matter second. Gorgeous photos, lots of types of ice cream recipes, plus baking recipes as well. And, we all know how your uncle loves him some baking. Ice cream sandwiches, anyone? I'm working on my own versions of those, but this baby will supply plenty of inspiration. And, lots of homemade ice cream this summer!

Lucid Food ~ Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones


  1. We've had our eyes on that delicious ice cream book for a while - you've added another to the must have list!

  2. 'Tender' is FANTASTIC!! I love Nigel. I can't wait to get my hands on 'Ripe', which is all about fruit! Have you ever checked out any Tamasin Day Lewis cookbooks? They're really cool, and Nigel loves her cooking. I call him Nigel b/c I totally imagine we're on a 1st name basis. Like I am with Nigella, my imaginary BFF.

    I also have a cookbook problem. Sigh.

  3. Ooh Lucid Food looks terrific, and I love the idea of organizing by season since we get all our veggies through a CSA usually its just work with what ya got.

  4. is so dangerous -- I love it! Oddly, I've gotten three new cookbooks in the past few months, but I rarely look at them. I usually just go to the market, buy things that look good and make up recipes myself.

  5. Me like ice cream!! also love cookbooks and these look wonderful, thanks for the heads up!

    Happy weekending!


  6. when is your potluck? i'm addicted to bi-rite, but the weekend lines can be a drag..worth the wait though.

  7. Ooo so pretty and who can pass up a new cookbook?

  8. Hi bradford......I've been neglectful. I'm so sorry. :{

    Anyway, looks like you scored some awesome cookbooks. And I'm heading over to Fab right now to check it out!!

    Have a good (rainy :<) day. I promise to stay in touch.

  9. I've been improving our household's collective bmi by making home-made ice cream for the past few months, using mostly recipes from David Lebovitz's The Perfect Scoop. I'd love to hear how your Bi-Rite ice cream turns out because I'm sure another ice cream recipe book couldn't hurt to have as inspiration.

    Also what kind of ice cream sandwiches are you making for us?

  10. I never know so many facts about the food we eat. Nice informative blog you have. You own Interesting awesome cookbooks.

  11. Beeeffffffy-

    Um, you know I will buy whatever you tell me to, you have the best taste.

    (And my little ole blog over on your sidebar almost gave me a heart attack, you rule.)

  12. Yeah, I've bought cookbooks because of their covers and the texture of their pages. I don't even cook!!! I'm lucky to have a husband that does, even though all of his vegetable dishes contain bacon or sticks of butter or both. Enjoy a summer of reading, eating and cookbook fondling.

  13. Hmmm, I've had my eye on that beautiful Bi-Ride book for a while. I may need to break down as I'm ready for some homemade ice cream. I can't believe it's been almost a year since I busted out the ice cream maker. Thanks for the inspiration!


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