April 06, 2012

Matthew Mead's "Flea Market Finds"

Just received my copy of Matthew Mead's latest book "Flea Market Finds"! It's chock full of lots of Springtime inspiration and has hundreds of projects and tips for finding and freshening up your vintage scores.

And, if you want to get a little extra funding to further your finds, Matthew is currently doing a giveaway of six $100 Visa gift cards! I mean, I'm all good with a little chocolate this weekend but I wouldn't mind a little 'lettuce' either. That'd put a little extra happy in your Easter now wouldn't it?

Better hurry... winners will be announced on Monday! What are you waiting for, kids? Hop to it!
(I know, I know. But, you knew I was gonna go there.)



  1. Came across your blog from Tartanscot. This was a nice Easter post. Placing you on my blogroll, Happy Easter Beefy! Shiree'

  2. Howdy Hey! You know, I've seen you here, there and everywhere lately, and I finally got myself over here to CHECK STUFF OUT. The FUN! The awesome! HOW has this place not been in my life before?? I read your post about Stuff You Might Change. I love that you call everyone 'kids', makes me feel a lot better about calling everyone 'peeps'. And I'm really happy the lovely-but-hard-to-read scripty font changed. Now I can read your Awesome Stuff better because my eyes, they are not as awesome as your blog. Love it here, can't wait to wade thru your archives! (oh and so very sorry your mum has not been well, happy healing thoughts...) ~Aloha, Melissa

  3. Thank you for your nice come back on daily posts! Love your blog concept! :)

  4. welcome back. you've been missed. but direction reflection is important.

    on a slightly different note, i have been wondering is matthew read the sone of mary emmerling and photographer chrs mead?

  5. Love you blog, found you thru the Etsy feature!

  6. Gotta love fun finds!



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