October 03, 2011

Early Winter


  1. Ahh....I see what you mean. I will meet you there and I will bring the drinks! :)

  2. Sounds like a plan, Melissa! I smell a kitchen dance party coming on! ;)

  3. such a cute cabin - i'm dying over that giant front window.
    its the perfect place to watch the snowfall and drink a hot cup of coffee.
    now i can't wait for winter!


  4. I'd probably put my winter cabin in Kauai. That probably doesn't count though, does it?

  5. that is luscious. thanks for showing it to us. A lot of new arrangements of space. fresh.

  6. I love the simplicity of this winter cabin. My dream cabin would be in the mountains of Montana!

  7. I haven't gotten to explore many places in the US, but Jackson Hole, Wyoming would be a beautiful place to spend the winter. But I'd really want this sweet home. It does such a beautiful job of combining the indoors and outdoors.

    Funny thing is as I'm searching for apartments in the DC area, I'm torn between living farther out in more greenery and being right in the center of everything in the city. Maybe if I had my own winter cabin that would all change.

  8. That is LOVELY --- how beautiful. What a little piece of nature heaven.
    - Carrie

  9. I'd love a cabin on the beach in Tofino on Vancouver Island. I spend all my winter gettaways there because its quiet and the storm watching is spectacular.


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