September 16, 2011

Plum Lovely

Bright Bazaar linkJune Taylor Jams post linkPhotographer Carl Pendle link


  1. I want all my recipes like this! So relaxing and easy to remember.
    Thanks Bradford!

  2. Right, Lee?! I could watch this again and again. Just so lovely! But, I long for a cup of tea every time it finishes. But, it is too late now. So, I will dream of tea (a drink with jam & bread) for tomorrow morning. :)

    Happy weekending!

  3. Who knew plums could whisk you away from it all?

  4. Ooh that is dreamy. I've never made my own jam, but now I want to!

  5. Hey Uncle Beefy, just catching up on reading your blog, you were asking about Marfa a while back. A Bloomsbury Life did a great story with pictures about their trip there this summer. A truly quirky part of the country. You would love it.

  6. just a magic movie...wonderful!!!!! bigs hugs Beefy


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