September 11, 2011

Much Ado About Marfa


  1. I live in Austin and go to Marfa every year with my hubby on our anniversary. It is really worth a trip. The Thunderbird motel is amazing and the city is very sleepy romantic. The city is only open Wed - Saturday so don't try to go early in the week. The Donald Judd and Dan Flavin exhibits at the Chinati are amazing. The drive out there is long and is really beautiful if you like wide open spaces. Last but not least they have some of the food in the state. The famous Food Shark trailer is really good too! You must go!!!!!
    PS. I love your blog!

  2. Can't speak on Marfa, but as a former Austinite...


    I've a feeling you'd fit right in Beefy.


    The Queen

  3. Hey Beefy!
    I lived in Austin for a very long time (I'm now in Seattle) and went to Marfa to visit friends a lot during college days. It has that kind of coolness that is the best kind because it has no idea it's cool. The community is in the middle of nowhere and is still not influenced much by outside designs or trends. This, of course, causes originality and creativity to flourish in it's citizens. You have to make do, fix stuff and get generally very resourceful about life. There's still a great deal to be said for creating in a vacuum and never more so than in Marfa. Because of the wide open spaces(read no trees), I urge you to NOT visit during summer. The summers are brutal there, but like all of Texas everything is air conditioned. I like the fact that Marfa is getting recognition but I hope not to the point that hipness ensues and eventually another damn Starbucks is thrown down in the middle of town.


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