September 22, 2011

In this case, I'm picking Ginger over Mary Ann.


  1. Mmmm those look delicious. I love any desert that melts your ice cream as you eat it :)

    And I'm so loving fall... I even got to crunch through some leaves on my way home today. The smell of fallen leaves is one of my favorite things!

    life in the married lane - a little blog full of big inspiration!

  2. Ginger wins every time, hands down! Looks delicious.

  3. What a great looking blog. Thanks for the tip!

  4. mmm, ginger. so perfect for fall & the ice cream helps for those feeling nostalgic for summer. i can't wait to check this out & get this recipe!

  5. it looks delicious
    thanks for your sharing

  6. Beejeebus! I missed this one!! Luckily I was intrigued by the very amusing title, "in this case I will take Ginger over Mary Ann". This combined with the fact that you just tweeted that leaves are falling in WA (which i steadfastly skimmed over in denial) is making me want to drop everything and bake some ginger puds!! Brilliant share B. Thank you xx


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