June 07, 2011

Sweet Home Alabama

NYT feature on artist Butch AnthonyNYT feature on artist Butch Anthony
Alabama Chanin - link
Butch Anthony, Museum of Wonder - linkNYT feature on artist Butch Anthony - link
Photographer Robert Rausch - link


  1. I share the same simple artistic lifestyle in some small town. Look longingly at old homes for sale in NC (where I am from). May be a fantasy is better than the reality?
    Might give it a try one day anyway!

  2. oh i am so there... their home is amazing... i love the pine with white stripe effect in the one room... and each piece ... every room... a work of art.
    thanks so much for sharing..xx

  3. Cozy, simple, artsy, white, Perfect!!

  4. Oh my, this is perfection. I adore the exterior!

  5. wow!!! great come back with great house!!! Natalie website is fantastic!!! big hugs uncle

  6. Ok, this is simple heaven. It is stark cozy if there is such a thing. If not, I just invented!
    Hi B! Miss you!

  7. yes daydreams, one of my favorite summer past times. ;)


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