April 28, 2011

Taking the Cake

Nine Cakes BrooklynNine Cakes Brooklyn - Spring Menu

Marlo Gamora Photography
Jen Huang Photography


  1. omg beyond beautiful! i went for my cake tasting a few weeks back and i had to tell them i didn't want my cake to look anything like their examples. i wish they had some that looked like your post!


  2. Chocolate ganache! Never mind the cake, I want to pour it straight into my mouth!

  3. I can't bake cake so I guess I'll just have to watch longingly. Sigh.

  4. ummmm!!! just beautiful...glad the flu has gone!!!!!
    big hugs my uncle

  5. I love it when you post cakes because then I'm always inspired to bake one. Orange Blossom Passion? Coming right up!

  6. these look dreamy! i think i need more brooklyn in my life ;)

  7. you just had to post this dangerous dangerously yummy looking set of cakes that are totally accessible to me didn't you??

    There goes my waistline!

  8. Wow! How elegant...

    Just did a coconut cupcake post! I would love for you to stop by.

    Have a great weekend!


  9. sami chu... That must have been kind of awkward? Hope the cake tasted great at least! :)

    Livin Westside... Pouring chocolate ganache straight into your mouth?! Allowed! ;)

    My Little World... Well, I hope you have some little spot where you can at least indulge in some deliciousness!

    Cez... Glad the flu is 'mostly' gone too! Hugs!

    Brandi... Doesn't that Orange Blossom Passion sound uh-MAZING?! Mmmm! Glad you enjoy cake as much as I do!

    dreamday... Given all the happening spots these days, I think we could *all* use a little more Brooklyn in our lives!

    saer... Sorry to dangle the carrot of temptation! But, I gotta ask... did you go to Nine Cakes? Hmmmm?

    Main Street... Thanks for popping in to leave a comment! Those coconut cupcakes were too cute!

    rebecca... I have to say, I like the look of red velvet more than the taste. But, no doubt, it is the top request when I bake for people and seems the same all over! I'm the odd man out. No surprise there! ;)

    Thanks, All, for your lovely comments!


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