March 16, 2011

Wish I Was There

My Cool Caravan
My Cool Caravan - Site Link
My Cool Caravan - Amazon Book Link


  1. I want one SO BAD! I saw one for sale a few months back, but it was gone by the next errand run. I would even sit in it in my own backyard.

  2. I so agree-we need these! One of my all time favorite movies is The Long Long Trailer with Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez. I am all for getting back to simple relaxation.

  3. i am just crazy about the VW combi van...i am just trying to find many souvenirs from Australia and our trip around with this kind of was timeless... just one of the best trip of my life!!!!! big hugs Beefy

  4. I wouldn't mind a vacation right now either. I think I may finally be dine with my papers and grading for this quarter. A getaway would be ideal.

  5. thx for the quick escape, UB! i love the classic Airstream the best ... if you haven't seen it, google "mark harmon airstrem" (his is a classic). the "bambi" and "basecamp" are modern iterations (with small footprint) that rock!



  6. These are adorable! Put me down for one :)

  7. I need this. (I'm actually planning a 40 day camping trip right now, and this would make meals so much easier!)


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