March 17, 2011

For Japan With Love

I think all of us have spent the last week in utter disbelief over what has happened in Japan. And, hopefully, taking pause to appreciate the profound gift and utter fragility of our own lives and those whom we love.

We've all seen the countless images and videos that illustrate the enormous struggle that faces Japan as it moves forward to rebuild itself and the lives of those who miraculously survived. Can you imagine the sense of overwhelm that the Japanese people must be feeling? If anyone has really even had the capacity to move past the inevitable shock.

Thanks to the generous organizing efforts of Henny and Lucia of Utterly Engaged and Lydia of Ever Ours, tomorrow will be a
Bloggers Day of Silence to honor those lost, continue awareness, and to help raise money to support the urgent needs of the relief efforts.

Please help in any way that you are able.

Anything and everything helps.

(For more information on this wonderful project please click here.)


  1. Thanks B- I am in. I am so grateful for the precious life I have and know how a moment can change you forever. I think if we all could hold our words for a day and send nothing but love their way wed be better for it. Thanks for being you.

  2. i'll pray for everyone..God please help them.

  3. Very well done. Thank you for sharing this important information, and maintaining such a wonderful blog.

  4. The last time I checked, this wonderful fund raiser has reached $48000 so far~ so glad to hear this!
    I've traveled to Japan & have friends there! Thoughts & prayers for all the people.



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