December 15, 2010

Prize Winner


  1. Love the store and site, just don't love that they copied the name and logo of my friend's shop in Ashland. That she has had for 15 years!!

  2. Wow!!!!!
    Hide the ol' checkbook! Really great looking things!


  3. I think this is my equivalent of a candy store. Maybe the next time I drive across the country, I could stop in Kansas City...

  4. hold the phone. im looking at these photos and wondering where in the world this fabulous store could be... and its like 10 minutes away from me!? must find this asap...
    -a little confusesd though, their website lists an address in one neighborhood and then describes themselves as being in a total other area of town. how can i find this fabulousness....

  5. loving your eye for fantastic details

  6. Hi Uncle Beefy - happy 2011 and many thanks for the nice mention on your great blog!

    I noted some of the nice comments and must admit that I'm not aware of another Prize location...I did an extensive search before I landed on the brand 8 years ago. (I am an avid vintage trophy collector hence the influence.)

    As for our locations, we have two in Kansas City - one on the Country Club Plaza and one in the West Bottoms.


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