June 16, 2010

If you build it, they will come! Right?

Yes, photo by moi.

Sometimes it's weird how things work, Kids. So yesterday, as I mused over where I am in my life, I made mention of some sources of inspiration to which I've been turning. One of them is Chris Guillebeau at The Art of Non-Conformity. I've been following Chris for some time and have been consistently impressed with his straightforward manner and all that he's managed to accomplish for himself in his life. A short time back, Chris put together and launched his "Empire Building Kit" - case studies (including actual monetary figures) of people running successful small businesses, while also receiving one email a day (365 total) that will help you build a business destined for "world domination" in at least one year. It was available for one day... I passed. The second time around... one day release? I jumped. Well, sorta. I hemmed and hawed for a while, reading over the details, so on and so forth... a little more hemming and hawing and then, deep breath, "Go!" Anyhoozles... I thought, nothing in life is without some risk and Chris had certainly earned a level of trust in me that I thought it was worth the leap. So far? I haven't been disappointed. I'm early in the game, sure (baby steps, people), but it's creating both a reminder and a sense of accountability to what I envision for myself at some point down the road. It's the power-packed, yet gentle, kick in the tukhus that I'm needing lest I slide back down my rabbit hole. Plus, I'm getting lots of information and perspectives from lots of different people. In short, I'm pretty pleased with my investment thus far. (Plus, 10% of all UnconventionalGuides revenue is donated to a charity project to bring clean water to Ethiopia. (Chris worked in Africa for years.) So, that just helped my decision that much more, y'know?) Weeeeelllll... now, Chris is finally releasing the "EBK" for good on his site... today! (See? Weird.)

I don't know where you may be at this point in your own life, Kids. But, if you think something like this may help you on your own path I can tell you it's at least worth a look and some consideration. Is it for everyone? Probably not. Outside of water, I'm not sure anything is for everyone! But me and the "Empire Building Kit" seem to be making a pretty good fit these days.

I'm also going to tell you, Kids, just so we're all clear and on the level, that I have joined Chris's affliate program so, yeah, if you should purchase one of the "Empire Building Kits" via "The Bedlam" I do get a monetary kickback. That said, I hope y'all know that I'm not just going to throw anything at you for the sake of a buck. I joined as an affiliate because I really appreciate what Chris is doing and providing. Hey, I've been in the blogging game a long time and turn away "sponsors" a lot of the time... most of the time... almost all of the time. I'm not anti-advertising per se, but somehow seeing some button or link from a "Diamond Importer" on "The Bedlam" makes me wanna take a "Silkwood" kind of shower... y'know? Eew. If I'm going to advertise it's going to be for things or people that I like or think you might like. And you'll always know when there's money involved. That's how I roll... got it? Good. I got yer backs, Kids.

Now, go plot your "world domination" or at least have a lovely Wednesday! Be well, Kids!

Empire Building Kit

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  1. awesome photo. this sounds cool. i'll check it out.

  2. Wow! Checking this out now B. Thanks! I am so excited to see what hs you excited:)
    I am loving your enthusiam and always your honesty.

  3. I will check it out for sure! Sounds very interesting!

  4. I invested in the "working for yourself" unconventional guide to world domination recently-- life changing! Chris is so inspirational, and so encouraging...I emailed him as well, and he wrote back within a day-- despite being in the middle of some jungle in New Guinea, or somewhere of sorts!

    Your photo-- fantastic.

    Enjoy dominating the world today:)


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