June 02, 2009

Hope Springs Eternal

From Eldad & Audrey Hagar's Flickr page:

"We rescued Bradley from the shelter last night, and today I took him to a neurologist. The doctor had only sad news for Bradley...

We agreed he should go to sleep and not suffer this severe hydrocephalus. (as you can see, his head is weirdly shaped due to a lot of fluids in his head / brain).
I didn't want to let him go yet, so from the vet I took Bradley to the beach, I sat with him, played with him, and I fed him many cheeseburgers and fried chicken. We sat there for two hours, and after that I took him to the vet's office right on the beach, and he went to sleep forever :-(

It was such a sad day... I cried like a baby for this little guy. Even now when I am typing these words, tears are coming to my eyes... "

"Please visit our website and help us save more animals. All I am asking is for people to buy the book about our rescue work... this will help us pay the medical bills and all the expenses involved in animal rescuing. (The book cost only $9.95. It has a 100 pages of full color photos and stories that will make you laugh and cry)"

And thanks to Jen of MadeByGirl for also helping to spread the word!


  1. I am going to buy one too. Most excellent post Bradford. There are such wonderful souls out there. Restores your faith in human kind. These people (and you) are wonderful examples of what this world needs now.


  2. Thank you for posting this! :) I'm almost in tears again.

  3. Poor little thing. I'm in tears allright. Nice to know that kind people like these exist.

  4. Oh wow, that went straight to my heart.
    Can you please put their ad up on my blog?
    They do amazing work and I really want to support something like this.

  5. carol...thanks! I cannot imagine how their hearts could take it but am SO happy for their sacrifices. I am in awe of them! Thanks for helping support!

    kim...omg! You are SO welcome! I'm so glad you posted this! I think it's helped spread the word...big time!

    Janne...it is heartwarming if not incredibly sad too. How is your little bird? Did he make it?

    sweet paul...I will get the button up as soon as I can, Paul! I'm sure they'd appreciate it! (And I'll be in touch again soon...PROMISE!)

  6. oh mylanta - thats amazing. what a sweet way to let him say goodbye. and sad :(


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