May 14, 2009

Mr. Timberlake... a word.


  1. I love how you keep showing up in my reading list. Hope all is great...

  2. I laughed so hard I tinkled a little. SO hilarious :)

    Miss you, hope you and the cuppies are well! xoxoxo

  3. So spot on. Justin has no right! Hilarious (:

    A shout out to the NW. Missing my home.

  4. so funny!
    i just spent an hour reading your blog (i should be cleaning the main floor bathroom!!)

  5. In a word.... Hilarious! Love the pic from

  6. double the pleasure, double the fun!

  7. shell suits are just criminal! I can proudly say I have never owned one.

    As for the chaps in chaps. I have no words.

    hope you are well : )


  8. jae...always nice to see you too! Things are goin' okay and hopin' swell for you!

    carrie...I think they have medications available for that sort of thing? ;) Cuppies are a slow grow but hangin' on for the moment!

    dumbwit tellher... Holla! Welcome to The Bedlam!

    spearmint baby...Nice to have you stop by! Welcome! Hopefully, the humor inspired a belated cleaning.

    jenni vorderman...OH BOY! awkward family photos?!! HI-LARIOUS!!!

    tula...back off, Sister! MINE! ;) Hope you're doing well, Miss Tula!

    jen ramos...always nice to see you here!

    lobster & swan..."criminal" is most assuredly the appropriate word!!! Hope all is well your end, Jeska! (I've been around L&S... just on the low down.)

    lil are SUCH a liar! You don't love me for this! You're just all up in m'stink because of the yellow fishnet number! Hope the "Bay-bee" is doing swell. :)

    Thanks, Kids! :)

    Nice to be back! Well, as much as I am anyway.


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