April 13, 2009

SAME as hope.

"There is Hope Here" by Zach Bulick available at Wall Blank.

Okay, Kids... no, today no fancy schmancy font-o-file writing. In the interest of time today I'm just gonna get right to it.

So how was the weekend? Was it Spring where you are? Or is Winter still wrestling with its inevitable demise? It did seem like a rather bleak Easter here is the Seattle area. Plenty of indoor egg hunts for certain. Poor kiddies. Like they care...there's still candy.

Cupcake baking went pretty well as far as I could tell. (But Erin would be the one to have the final word on that ultimately.) The favorite flavor that emerged this time 'round was Organic Meyer Lemon Creme. Honestly, I think people were loving it because it gave them hope that the sun was shining somewhere in the world if not here! (No...no photos. 1) I'm guessing you're sick of seeing them. 2) When one rises at 4:30am to bake...photography seems pretty expendable.)
Have a meeting for a possible kitchen rental location this week! This baby may just go legit before long!

I am becoming further engrossed in the world of food these days... duh. And, yes, still listening to The Splendid Table obsessively. While looking through rain-soaked ferry windows across Elliot Bay, I had the pleasure of listening to the story of SAME Café in Denver, Colorado. To be succinct, SAME stands for "So All May Eat" and is a restaurant where patrons pay what they can for a meal. No cash register, just an unmanned donation box where folks provide what they're able for a good nutritious meal. Or you can volunteer to work and earn a meal if you like. In short, one of the most inspiring things I've heard about in some time.

More here...

Happy Monday, Kids!


  1. Easter was pretty bleak here, wasn't it?!? Ah well, I spent most of Sunday doing a lot of nothing, just stuff around the house. Didn't feel like a holiday to me.

    I don't have family here so most holidays would go unnoticed were it not for the plethora of festive decor in all the stores...holy giant bunny batman! I didn't even think about candy or anything however I was craving cupcakes yesterday in an insane way.

    p.s. No, can't ever get enough of the cuppie pics :)

    p.s.s Holly (decor8) and I have both recently pondered if you were on Twitter? Do tell ;)

  2. Yes, meyer lemon does sound perfect for spring. I've heard of places like that where you pay what you can.....terrific...thankfully, some people are almost too good for this world.

  3. what an amazing idea for a restaurant. there are some fabulous people out there.

    you should know we never get sick of cupcake photos! good luck with the kitchen meeting :)

  4. Mon Oncle, I can't DO without the cupcake photos...I am addicted to them now! And I love Meyer lemon anything!


  5. That is beautiful...what a wonderful idea. I can't believe you've been getting up at 4:30am! I wish I could give you a hug and a big cup of coffee. I'm so proud of how determined you are and how far you've taken your dream. It is so inspiring to me. Right now I'm sitting here eating carrot cake (OMG...again...) and trying to work on a project that is due tomorrow and which is sucking every last ounce out of me. (Hence the cake...it's putting it back on by the pound.) KISSES!

  6. oh that's a brilliant idea SAME...every town should have that.

    meyer lemon. you're killing me ;-) i'll think of you as i'm trying to nurse my sad little meyer lemon tree back to life!


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