March 05, 2009

What's not to...

"L.A.based contemporary artist, and friend of WHORANGE, Alexandra Grant designed this beautiful, special edition love necklace for LAXART to help raise funds for a wonderful cause: the Watts House Project (WHP).

The WHP is an artist-driven, neighborhood redevelopment program aimed at improving the homes and lives of residents living near the historic watts towers located in south central Los Angeles. Directed by artist Edgar Arceneaux, the ongoing project uses art and architecture as a catalyst for expanding and enhancing community.

Alexandra's inspiration for the love necklace stemmed from her original WHP proposal: to have the word “love” placed upon the roof of the Cerate family home on 107th street.

According to the WHP:

"Grant and the Cerate Family are currently working together with architect Mike Niemann on a plan which will incorporate and balance the family’s needs and wishes for their house and lifestyle with Grant’s proposal for 'love on the house.' The Cerate Family own a roofing business and are open and excited to develop Grant’s idea further to incorporate a sculptural element on their roof."


  1. just had to tell you seeing lisa stansfield and pet shop boys on your fave music took me back. where's la vie en rose for movies?

  2. I want love on my house! I bet you already have a bunch of love on top of yours Beefy!


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