March 27, 2009

April in Paris...almost.

Yes...all the photos are from your Uncle. Le sigh.


  1. Thanks SO much for sharing these fantastic photos...Paris is a dream of mine and I got to go there today with this post!!!

    Have a great weekend.


  2. What a perfect way to end a week! How I wish Paris in April was in my future.

  3. Le sigh, indeed. April in Paris, only in my dreams! Speaking of dreamy, I love that gorgeous photo with the rainbow. Looks like you were in the right place at the right time! And jeez Uncle, aren't you a cutie patootie!

    Happy, happy weekend!

  4. I like! I'm being a naughty blogger myself lately, so I feel ya! Have a great weekend!

  5. oh its so dreamy! how I long to visit again...looks lovely this time of the year!

  6. oh beefy -these are so beautiful! lets all just take a field trip...

  7. i love the photos! i'm with m.lane... thanks for the sweet virtual trip!

  8. It may be Sunday morning here in Z├╝rich as I type this,... but I very much just enjoyed my stroll through the streets of Paris. Aaaaaalmost April indeed! Hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend! Thanks for the rainbow... and the quick escape to Paris.

  9. Ah, Paris!! It's been way too long! (Like 21 years- YIKES!)


  10. oh Paris.

    we are going in May. I can't wait. Thanks for the pre trip taster.

    : )

  11. Love the photos.
    Have so many great memories of Paris.
    Just walking around, taking it all in.
    Sipping a coffee on a corner bistro and look at the people.

  12. M. is it that you haven't gotten to Paris?! Somehow, someway, you gotta get there! But glad I could help in some small way. ;)

    Carol...Ah, Carol. Sweet, ever patient and supportive, Carol. Glad I could help ease you into your weekend a la francaise!

    nkp...I FREAKED out when that rainbow appeared! Thought I'd melt right there on the French cobblestone! As far as the "cutie patootie" comment? My dear, flattery will get you EVERYWHERE! Maybe even to Paris? ;)

    piper...thanks for the love. Naughty bloggers unite!

    AnastasiaC...I think Paris must look beautiful all year round! I miss Paris greatly!

    alissa...woman! I hear ya'! Sometimes all this economic gloom and doom makes me just wanna jump off the deep end and have breakfast in Paris...just because! Don't tempt me!

    caroline duke...via M. Lane? (Love the M.!) How wonderful of you to stop by! Nice to have you here. :)

    Kerrin...okay now. You of all people have the easiest access! I mean, you could practically walk there...right? ;)

    melissa...oh my dear! 21 years is MUCH TOO LONG!!! You've been shortlisted as a potential travel companion! Must..... get........ you.... to...... Paris!

    Lobster & Swan (Jeska)... lucky duck you are! But, as we all know, most deserving of a wonderful time! Enjoy!

    sweet paul...that's exactly what my trip was like. Just let Paris fall at my feet without any planning! Glorious! Me thinks we might travel well together!

    All in all, Kids...can you say "ROAD TRIP"?!?!?!


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