February 16, 2009

Dream a little dream...


  1. I'd sit in either one while loitering in your gorgeous shop.

  2. Love those chairs! I could be a happy girl with either set, but I'm partial to the first. So what's happening with the cupcakes? Sounds like your following your dreams. Good luck Beefy....I would love to figure out a way to do an open house for you. Maybe a champagne and cupcakes event! My two favorite things! :)


  3. Beefy I hope your cupcake empire becomes a reality.

    I was led here through your comments about The English Muse's inspiration file. Check mine out. I'm bad with the camera though

  4. im loving these chairs! yes, i wish i could afford them to, but its always fun to look!

  5. Ohh I adore how you're doing your posts this day! The font is so casual and fun!! I've been catching up, reading "backwards" and I love what I'm seeing. Your posts are certainly very inspiring!

    Also; Adore the chairs! Me too want those ;-)

  6. I'll make you some JAK pieces when you have the store:) My pleasure!


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