February 24, 2009


  1. That was utterly fab... thank you for sharing...I didn't like her book much and was doubtful about watching this, but was very glad I did.

  2. Beefy, I applaud your efforts to look into going into business for yourself. It really does test your fears, your hopes and everything in between.

    Hopefully you know you've got a group of supporters here cheering you on in whatever you decide to do.

    Thanks for that TED video, LOVE TED, LOVE E.G. and also LOVE Danielle (and Carrie) - got to meet them a few months ago at a book event in Seattle, they really are fabulous ladies!

    big hugs, xoxoxo

  3. Hey Uncle,
    Ole, bravo...
    fantastic post!

    Keep dancing...


  4. bonjour!

    thank you for posting this! i love TED, and think Elizabeth summed it up well at the end..."you get points just for showing up"

    no one ever tells you that.

    a good thing to keep in mind on the days when it's too easy to keep the pj's on all day...just go, show up, and see what happens. because you never know when your personal genius is going to pay you a visit!

    Go Bradford!

    xo, Kelie

  5. That was terrific! I love Ted. Thanks for sharing that...now I have to go show up! Have a great day and can't wait to see how you show up!

  6. thanks for this - love your blog! xoxo from Virginville PA!

  7. Wow, just hearing that made this day easier. There are some days when being an actress is terrifying and it's nice when someone comes along and makes it less so.

  8. ole! this was fantastic and just at the right moment :)

  9. great post! best to you bradford - you are inspiring!

  10. I loved the Elizabeth Gilbert talk. I wasn't the biggest fan of the book, but she is quite charismatic and inspirational here.

  11. Thank you!



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