January 21, 2009

Yes or No?

(Images from NY Daily News.)


  1. I have to say, that white gown had all the makings of greatness, but then it just....wasn't! I did like the citron ensemble, though. Great with her skin tone!

  2. the yellow was so fabulous that i think just about anything she wore afterwards wouldn't do her justice!


  3. I must admit, I did like the white gown!

  4. I thought the white gown was nice ... but I honestly hoped she'd wear something that took my breath away.

    The yellow ... magnificent :-D

  5. ohh, i hate to say it, but i didn't like either of michelle's outfits. didn't find them flattering and michelle is a babe! malia, sasha, and barack looked fabulous, though!

    i think michelle would have looked great in someone like caroline herrera.

    also, i think she should wear her hair up more often, or at least stop straightening it.

  6. I thought they all looked just great and very very elegant.


  7. Oh, my, they're both so GORGEOUS and would look fantastic in anything, really. Their connection to each other is more beautiful than any gown could ever hope be.

    Bless Ms. O. for enduring an 18-hour day in heels (including walking in a parade and dancing). She is a saint.

    [Don't mind me, I am just nursing a huge crush on the new first family...]

  8. I was wondering when someone would point out the obvious. Don't get me wrong, I love the new prez and his family. They are a beautiful couple. But the dress really let me down. Nothing special and a little frumpy. But...I'm pretty sure it was just a little blip. I think Michelle has it goin' on!


  9. when I watched at central cinema here in Seattle, the day outfit looked very green. I liked it better green. I do think it was lovely, but the cut was a bit dowdy. I did not like the brooch or necklace AT ALL.
    The white gown was a huge let down. my sense is that it probably looked much better in person.
    I have been reading on the blogs that Mrs. O needs a stylist and I hope she doesn't go there because eventhough I wasn't over the moon about either outfit, I love that she seems very Real, not "done"

  10. Loved the yellow day outfit with the olive color gloves and teal shoes.

    I didn't think that that was a necklace, but rather detailing on the shift dress.{?}

    Considering that most everyone else was sporting a wool overcoat, I thought she looked stunning.

    "preppi" is my word verifaction - ha!

  11. I didn't like either. The white was too bridal and flouncy - she needs something more structured - and the cut of the citron ensemble made her look very broad of beam....

  12. I did like the lemony ensemble..ok i admit i have a crush on the new First Lady and on the Toledo couple so my view might be partial...

    the white gown first let me dubious. I liked it though..I just think Michelle was perhaps not very at ease with it

  13. i thought the white gown was pretty... although it did look a little too much like a wedding dress.

  14. The day outfit looked like my grandmother's drapes. I kid you not, my grams has some gold drapes in a nearly identical fabric and I thought the designer had pulled a Maria von Trapp.
    The white gown? I wore something similar for my Quinceanera. I think she would have looked better in something more tailored and in a jewel tone.

  15. Loved the yellow and liked the white gown. I didn't think it was awful and didn't think it was great.

  16. Wow, you guys are so critical!

  17. My, my, my...look at all the comments! We've got a passion for the fashion, Kids! And certainly some varied opinions. And, okay, maybe "awful" is a bit too strong (sue me...I like alliteration) but I just didn't like the cut of the gown. It just seemed kinda "Project Runway" amateur-looking.

    But, ultimately, what I GREATLY appreciated was the fact that Michelle Obama could have had ANY dress by ANY designer but she chose relative unknowns...and that speaks volumes in my opinion!

    And, as kitkat pointed out...kudos to Michelle for an entire day spent in heels and still smiling! That parade route was 1.5 miles long! UGH!

    And, damn but they looked amazing together! Mmm, mmm! They are heart-melting! Swoon!

    Thanks for all the comments, Kids! :)

  18. I actually thought she looked great in that white dress - looks great with her skin tone. I also really loved the yellow get-up.

  19. ooh, thanks for asking. She chose her colors very carefully and very well, but in my opinion the yellow outfit would have looked way better with a much shorter jacket - there was just too much richness and texture - she looked like she was covered in drapes. The white gown had its pluses but was a little too ruffly - of the two outfits I liked it better, though.

    It feels like she is very aware of her role as America's new Jackie O and is trying to find her footing - maybe trying a little too hard.

    Overall tho - love that family - they are so beautiful!

    PS - totally agree about her hair, Tula. Stop straightening - or get a new cut or something - it looks really blunt and unflattering.

  20. I agree, I didn't like the ball gown either. Too bridal or prom dress-y


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