January 13, 2009

Yeah, yeah...another blog doing Domino!

Hey, can we really help ourselves? But I'm not here to gush over Zooey (no offense, Ms. Deschanel) but rather the other charm-inducers found in this February issue. So there!


  1. This issue was incredible! There is so much good stuff in there. I am so in love with that floral scene you posted with that gorgeous blue wall. Mary McDonald's home is gorgeous, too!

  2. Well yours is the first I've come across, and I love it! What's with the handwriting type? So digging that, Beefy.

    PS: I stopped over here because I saw these and thought of you. How delish do they look?! http://www.valerieconfections.com/product_info.php?products_id=53

  3. Ooh I love how you inserted your own comments in - very cool... but yes I do agree mark and sunrise ruffalo's home looks great!

  4. how i've missed my uncle beefy!!! one great post.i love your choice of pages ;) and those comments :D you never fails to amuse me!!!

  5. I love that kid room - wish I was a kid again!

  6. Also, I seriously love that handwriting font! Is it yours?

  7. Paloma...AGREED! Lots of tasty visual treats! Gorgeousness galore!

    Bee...Seriously? I feel like I was seeing it all over the place. The handwriting type? I'm just cool like that. ;) Thanks! Glad you like it! Kinda fresh. And Valerie Confections? Delightful! Dying to try those tea cakes! Such sweetness. :)

    Annabelle...thanks for the compliment. And, yes, the Ruffalo home was just so refreshing. Not too designer-y...just stylish.

    shill...where you been? Nice to have you back! :)

    please sir...you can ALWAYS be a kid again! Seriously...I act like a child all the time! (Wait...did that come out right?) The font is one I purchased some time ago. Glad you like it!

    Erin...to you mother!

  8. Hello you!
    I LOVE the newest issue, got mine in the mail last week...! :)

    Jen Ramos

    'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

  9. Why oh why can I not get this magazine in London? Thank you for posting these. I do love Ms. McDonald's home and I think I could learn to live with that every day- though you may feel you have to do a bit of tiptoe-ing around sometimes.


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