January 28, 2009

No...this isn't about Domino.


  1. it certainly is and looking is low in calories, too!

  2. HAHA! your post title kills me. :)


  3. ha, thank you for that. especially the post title bc i seriously was about to do a "mark all as read" since every last one seemed to be mentioning the demise of the big D.

    thanks for bringin the sweetness back!


  4. And a tad ironic- Rebecca Thuss (an old friend!) was the Editor of Blueprint- another fab magazine to go down the drain. Sadness!

  5. LOVE her work ! I can't believe she was the editor of Blueprint...even thought your post is not about Domino, you made me think about again :)
    Thanks for sharing.

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  7. I so heart her. I want to be her! Thanks for the bit of happy. :)

  8. stopping by to say hello beefy! I am loving the new format:)

  9. cindy:quaint...isn't this deleriously happy? The low calorie? Not so much I'm betting. ;)

    Kelly...well how many blogs suddenly had it posted EVERYWHERE?!! Myself as well though...guilty as charged! ;)

    carrie...always happy to help in any way I possibly can. ;)

    melissa...I SO miss Blueprint! And...stop the presses...Rebecca Thuss "an old friend"?!! Color me jealous! She is quite spectacular in her talents. But as are you, M'Dear! :)

    amy...thanks for stopping by! Isn't it amazing? Her work makes me deleriously happy. Wasn't Blueprint the best? I still thumb through my old copies just to feel the love. Sigh.

    mary...you want to be her? UM...HELLO...I want to be her! If we're both her it's just going to get complicated. Don't you think? ;)

    James...thanks, Mister! Always nice to see you pop 'round! :)

    Bye for now, Kids!


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