January 19, 2009

Matt & The Market: Bloggers Unite!


  1. SHUT UP! cute and cute standing side by side. I love Matt's blog. I have started a small fan club in my mind. I am secretary and write love notes all day long! xo bravo!

  2. I LOVE IT!! You two look like old friends and both with the same colors and layers on. What a great day that must have been....sunshine in Seattle, the market, and meeting Matt and friends...great day for sure!

  3. OMG! It's YOU!! In the flesh! I've never ever ever...finally a picture of my favorite Uncle Beef! Oh, look at that smile!! And it sounds like it was an awesome day, to boot.

  4. What an absolute pleasure it was!

    And did you notice we were both wearing blue patterns?

    We are brothers, I know this!

    Oh what a fantastic afternoon it was meeting you. We must do it again soon!

  5. whoooaaaa...first time ever seeing you uncle beefy!!!! looks like soooo much fun you had :)

  6. amy...NO! You shut up! ;) Love notes? Love notes are good! :)

    jae...It kinda felt like old friends. A fine day indeed. :)

    tula...correction...I'M the cutest!!!

    bee...yep, that me. One day we'll get our picture. Just don't let ANTM style get ya' down!

    matt...likewise, sir! Next time LA-style!

    shill...sounds like you're shocked? I know...Beefy comes out of the witness protection program! :)

    d.sharp...is that like seeing dead people? What are you really trying to say, D.? ;)


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