January 09, 2009

Jack be Nimb(le)

One of the newer additions to Copenhagen's hotel scene...The Nimb. Named after the original founding family, The Nimb is the latest incarnation to grace this historical building. Once a bazaar and restaurant, now a glorious looking hotel with (only) 13 rooms, restaurants, bars, gourmet delicatessen and food shop, chocolaterie, and even a dairy...all overlooking Tivoli! I didn't really need another reason to want to go back to Denmark but I'm glad those Danes decided to give me one anyway. Sigh.

I think this might be my favorite room (above) but the amazing wallpaper (below) makes me think I may have to book two rooms! Anyone care to join me? Wanna pay? ;)


  1. cool! i need to travel!

    thanks for sharing (cough)The Secret of Nimb(cough). hehe.

    my word verification is "boned"?


  2. "Wanna pay?" hahaha...

    This place is gorgeous! I would love to go! But, like you, need someone to pay :)

  3. holy moly........All that for just 13 rooms. Incredible!

  4. i need a vaca


  5. gorgeous! i'm heading there in june, well denmark. i'm assuming the nimb is out of the budget.

  6. I learned about your blog from Vintage Blood. It looks amazing. It's opulent and accessible all at the same time if that makes sense.

  7. michael..."Secret of Nimb"? BRILLIANT! "boned"...hee,hee! :)

    melissa...It's pretty gorgeous, right? Still trying to figure out why only 13 rooms?

    mary...Okay, then...whoever finds the payer first treats the other. Sound like a deal? ;)

    Laura...gotta love the Danes. But there's much to love about a lot of worldly folks, huh? But the Danes can have a lot of pride over a place like this!

    Maryam...Given your location you must have a certain draw to the opulent exterior...? But isn't this place magical looking? And you're "so" close. Closer than me anyway! ;) (Nice to see you again.)

    Dallas Shaw...thanks for stopping by The Bedlam! I hear ya'! I could SO use a vacation! The "staycation" thing may be necessary but it's gonna get old fast. ;)

    dottie...You're going in June? Grrr! Lucky bum! I actually don't know what the cost is at the Nimb...but I'm guessing it ain't cheap. Not like me anyway! ;) (Oh no he didn't!)

    SDG...Thanks for stopping by! Glad to hear about the Vintage Blood referral too. And thanks for the compliment! I'll take it! (And, yes, it makes perfect sense.) :)

    Thanks for all the comments, Kids. I know...I'm kinda late getting around to all y'all. But I'm here! :)


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