January 20, 2009

Dream Girl


  1. WOW! That was a great video. Can you imagine your job being to design dessert bars! How insane and fun!!

  2. OK, I want to live in that prop room. {sigh}

  3. fab fab fab - I think she is amazing

  4. Oh, I love Amy's work - it is great to see her talk about the process.

    I need to track down the other segments from that show.

  5. she is just FANTASTIC. i'm dreaming of cupcakes, and filing this setup away for the maison luxe par-tay!

  6. ooh i love your new look Uncle Beefy! The script is divine.

    Amy's work is totally inspiring, thanks for sharing! x

  7. Haha - I wish I had her life too. I can't wait to watch!

  8. courtney...I am trying to imagine! Really, really trying!

    mary...I'll check my lease and see if you can share some of the space with me. ;) I hear ya'!

    amy c...she's built up a name for herself quite quickly. But justly, for sure. :)

    shill...and LOVE!

    d.sharp...I'm always up for a good behind the scenes video. Don't worry about tracking down other segments, Denise...I'm not in any of them. ;)

    c+k...HOLLA! You won't have to dream much longer! PERFECT vibe for Maison Luxe!

    pia...thanks for the compliment! It needed some freshening. Amy inspiring? Absolutely!

    please sir...see now, the thing to understand is that you say you want "her life" but, in point of fact, "she" has "my life"! And if I get it back I'm not giving it away...but I might share a little please sir! ;)

    Glad you like Ms. Atlas, Kids! Thanks for the comments! :)


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