January 15, 2009

Brit Brilliance


  1. Hey Beefy. Lovin' the new format. Very hip. Oh, and Happy New Year! :)


  2. Wow - yes they do look real and all warm and fuzzy. Guess kind of the way you feel while eating soup?

  3. Carol...thanks, glad you like it! Happy New Year to you!!! :)

    J...Isn't this sweet? So cozy!

    please sir...it's perfect packaging in the colder months! And, yes, totally how you'd feel eatin' a cup o soup!

  4. Hi Beefy!
    1. It's great to see you posting and commenting - missed you!
    2. Like everyone else, I'm lovin the new handwritten format....very nice and inspiring.
    3. I would eat soup out of these even if it was pea soup.......don't care for pea soup.
    4. Well, there isn't a 4....I was just on a roll.
    jae x

  5. Thats the coolest thing ever.
    Those Brits

  6. I love those! Such fashionable soup. I think I need a knit cozy for my American soup. We get ours from Cosi. Maybe Cosi could make a cozy?


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