January 20, 2009

America's Royal Family


  1. YAY!!!! make sure to pick up some of those fab obama cupcakes from trophy cupcakes, uncle beefy!

  2. Wow, I never realized just how beautiful his daughters are! I mean, seriously. I guess I was just so wrapped up in everything else. Today was amazing, wasn't it? Hope you had a great day, Beef:) xx

  3. alexis...HOORAY is right! Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    tula...honey, Trophy is way across the water from me :( That's why I'd have to make my own! But they're pretty darn awesome, huh? Trophy rocks!

    bee...aren't they? Malia is so poised for a little girl. Sasha...she seems very impish! It was SOOOO amazing, Bee! I'm still in that "pinch me" mode. xxoo...back atcha!

  4. All Hail the New Queen!!!
    (and his wife)


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