December 11, 2008

Wrap it up! I'll take it!

I don't really need to say a whole lot about Erin Ruth couture gift wrap other than it is my favorite wrapping paper....ever! The paper quality, the modern patterns...oy vey! Delicious! I'm telling you right now, you could wrap empty boxes in the stuff and no one would be disappointed! Or you could get even MORE creative...(see below!).

This is some of Erin's paper put to ingenious work!
From Welcome To Ruby's Lounge.
(Thanks to Kribss for the info!)


  1. jennifer khoshbin- welcome to rubys lounge on etsy. i love your blog.

  2. Thanks for the 411 on Ruby's Lounge, Kribss! MUCH appreciated! :)

  3. love bows, love gift wrapping, hence love this post!!!i'm amused.

  4. Oh my... I'm a sucker for paper as it is. But this? Devine.

  5. your welcome! i didnt realize you'll be giving me a shout out- the real credit goes to jennifer ramos of she just had it posted on her blog :o)

  6. I love that deer! Someone sent it to me as an idea for our front room. I love pretty papers.


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