December 05, 2008

Winter Wonder-man

Wintry inspiration from photographer Jimmy Backius. Beautifully romanticized winter scenes as only the Scandinavians can do it. Sigh.


  1. i really like your little comment header up there! nice touch beefy!

    re this post...lovely photos, i'm excited for snow here...are you? when it comes and if we get enough, let's go make snow angels! :)

  2. Stunning...and the guy ain't bad either.

  3. hello gorgeous!!! and yes, wonderman indeed uncle beefy :)

  4. shall i say "yummmmmmm" to these pics? i shall.

  5. carrie...thanks for the compliment. And, yes, I always hope for a little snow! Snow angels sound great if we can make it across the water to meet up before it melts!

    liz...holla! ;) always, thanks for poppin' by to leave a little "hello" :) I said to liz, "holla!" ;) You funny lady.

    Thanks, Ladies!


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